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Your song "The Willies -2 South Coast Go Go _" was just featured at #1 on No Depression Americana and Roots Music.
Nashville Scene Review-  It’s almost become a cliche that former punk rockers end up becoming Americana artists. But for many Southern punkers — and particularly ones from the Nashville area — “discovering” their country roots is anything but an affectation. And that’s certainly true for the husband-wife duo The Willies. On their debut album, Nashville first-generation punk scene vet Dave Willie (CPS, Jet Black Factory 9 Parts Devil) and his wife Jen Jones (The Camaros) deliver literate, engaging songs topping a musical stew of influences that include jazz vocals, country, rockabilly and more.     

-Randy Fox

Music City Roots reveiw- The Willies, making a Roots debut, opened up their eclectic set with double basses, literally. The blended sound of a plucked acoustic against a bowed acoustic was rich under the stylin’ voice of Jen Jones, as she opened the set with the smoky and jazzy “After The Fight.” Her partner Dave Willie, one of the bassists, traded vocal duties with her through a four-song set, as the Nashville-based band showed range and charm. They were followed by the back porch electro-grass of the Flea Market Hustlers......

-Craig Havighurst

Today I was cordially invited to hear some music. 

That actually is a sentence I could use most days...which is a great thing, I mean...I'm by no means complaining...though honestly while I am really happy to have accepted the invitation, in many cases I'm left wanting.  Not today.

Vocalist Jen Jones sent me links to the wonderful music of The Willies.  She and Dave Willie have conjured up a really nice sound with deep roots traveling in two directions...finding themselves growing in the traditional fertile soil of the American South on one side, while pushing through the concrete diversity of a bustling American city on the other.

Personally, I am a total pushover for all things vintage, and this group has married the vintage with the current convincingly...and the best part is that they have done so in a non-formulaic way.  Take two songs, "Too Lazy to Love" and "South Coast Go Go" for instance.  Essentially this could be two different groups.  Not just because the songs are in different styles, but because those styles in both cases sound authentic.  This is not easy to do, and I hear a lot of people try.

Eclectiblogs is all about adopting the eclectic.  As for The Willies, mission accomplished.

- Christopher Levine

From: GUILLERMO PEZ-  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for "Southern Standard" .

" Southern Standard is a great album! I like the beautiful mix between soul, jazz, rockabilly, blues!I like all the songs!
 Now I'll diffuse "Southern Standard". I hope to keep in touch.
And everything I can do for diffuse THE WILLIES music tell me. 
Thank you very much again. All the best for you; 

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A Happy Bride- Caroline Randolf
Just wanted to say thank y'all so much!! Y'all were phenomenal!! The only problem I had was that more people commented about the band and food than they did on my dress! haha Jk! Y'all blew everyone away.  I wish I had my head on straight to have asked y'all to play our first dance song one more time...That was the best arrangement I have ever heard of it!  I hope y'all were able to have some fun too.  If it was okay, I was going to plug y'all in my wedding announcement.
I can not thank y'all enough and please keep me posted on where to catch y'all preforming at.
(y'all help to make our day PERFECT!)


The Willies

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