The Willies are the perfect marriage of influences Americana.

The Willies are a Nashville based Americana band conjuring the spirit of a time before hot jazz & dirty fingernail blues were the domesticated soundtracks for baristas and doggy bakeries. There’s is a style of music borrowing heavily from those genres while still acknowledging the decades of pop cultural history that followed. The Willies are a vibrant musical collage. A seance resurrecting a broad pantheon of counter-cultural heroes. As veterans of the American underground, the Willies aren’t interested in caricaturing the rough and tumble iconography of 20’s jazz & blues... they embody that iconography. But these genres are only starting points... elegant bottles to contain several lifetimes of experience in the jazz, blues, rockabilly and punk underworld.

Jen Jones commandeered a road unworthy van and spent years shuffling musicians and authentic jazz from NYC to California. Dave Willie and Devin Pena broke ground and broke bones in the embryonic hardcore punk scene. Carco Clave spent decades eating his Thanksgiving dinners out of paper bags while backing Asleep at the Wheel, Little Jimmy Dickens and Chuck Meade. Wunderkind Jeremiah Cline cut his teeth in the subterranean world of urban hillbilly music. Ben Clark comes to the party as a trained jazzbo with a refined & brutal trumpet attack.

With the Willies punk meets ragtime. Or hot jazz can be driven by a drugged ska beat. Oi gang vocals accompany the blues or a stride piano compliments an elaborate revenge fantasy. Banjos strum. A trumpet blares. The rhythm section pops with the stark repetition of the white pickets surrounding a New Orleans cat house. And the stories? They’re conveyed by the vocals... and the words can pour out sultry, or comic, or crooning or just plain pissed off.

Nashville Scene Review- "It’s almost become a cliche that former punk rockers end up becoming Americana artists. But for many Southern punkers — and particularly ones from the Nashville area “discovering” their country roots is anything but an affectation. And that’s certainly true for The Willies.On their debut album, Nashville first-generation punk scene vet Dave Willie (CPS, Jet Black Factory 9 Parts Devil) and his wife Jen Jones (The Camaros) deliver literate, engaging songs topping a musical stew of influences that include jazz vocals, country, rockabilly and more." - Randy Fox

Southern Standard-"Some songs are a modern take on traditional swing, perfect for dancers, some are more country but with seering lyrics echoing the best of punk. Then there's the songs that just break your heart with the pure melodic beauty of haunting poetic sound. A great first CD!"

Look for number 2 Fall 2013.

The Willies Nashville

Band, Roots/Swing/Blues/Jazz/Singer-Songwriter