'The Jazz-Age' is a phrase coined by F. Scott Firzgerald in his novel 'The Great Gatsby'; a classic tale of 1920s hedonism - and no jazz-age theme party would be complete without the sound of an authentic jazz-age ensemble. The Willies sound the part, look the part, and - if there's space - will likely dance the part with some swing and Charleston dancing! The outfit entertain guests at prohibition and Gatsby themed private functions and parties all the time, because their high spirited dance-floor filling numbers make them the ideal choice for party planners and event organizers seeking a glamorous ambience and high spirited splendour. 

Common Questions

“Do You Play Music Our Guests Will Want To Dance To?”

YES!   Our speciality is upbeat, dancable swing music from the 1920s - 40s.  The mix in our repertoire always raises smiles and fills the dance floor with quirky obscurities as well as familiar classics of the period. Your guests will love the elegance, energy and novel entertainment of the 1920s swing band.

“What Size Band Should I Have For My Gatsby Prohibition Party?”

By far the most popular line-up is the 7 piece swing dance orchestra - this line-up gets asked to perform again and again at places like The Hermitage Hotel, The Standard at Smith House, and The Biltmore, Ashville. That's because much of the repetoire has been arranged for the 7 performers to most authentically evoke the high spirited and high class parties of the jazz age. The ensemble are also able to pare down to 5 or up to an 8 piece. The 7 piece comprises of vocals, double bass, drums, banjo', trumpet, sax and trombone.

“Can You Play Some Live Background Music For When Guests Are Arriving?”

There are a number of additional services that can be arranged, from a background piano player, to a DJ who specializes in the genre, or the perfect playlist for those on a budget.

Our Service Includes:

  • Set up of PA equipment, mics and drum kit up to 1 hour in advance of 1st set start.*

  • A PA for up to 200 people, mics, stands, mixer etc. All that is required is a couple of power points.

  • Swing orchestra suited and booted in smart/glamorous period style atire, and if there is space, likely some swing dancing as part of the performance as well.

'FLAPPERS’- Professional dancers (Chorus girls) to jazz up your party with the Charlston. Lesson available too! Contact Krystin Larson to book dancers- 615-497-8105